UKAS Accreditation for Geolabs Limited Rock Testing laboratory

We are proud to announce that our rock testing laboratory has been granted UKAS accreditation for ISRM water content, ISRM porosity and density by caliper, ISRM point load index, ISRM unconfined compressive strength and ISRM indirect tensile strength by Brazilian method, and also for rock test specimen preparation to ASTM D4543-08.

UKAS accreditation for the rock testing laboratory follows an extensive expansion programme of the Geolabs Limited Watford laboratory, which included the construction of a purpose-built routine and rock testing laboratory and large sample store with digital sample logging facilities.

Our team of experienced geologists and technicians ensures that all testing is performed accurately and to the highest standards of quality and technical competence.

In addition to the UKAS accredited tests, Geolabs Limited offers a comprehensive range of rock tests, from rock classification tests to more complex testing such as petrographic examination of rock samples, rock triaxial / shearbox and UCS with Young’s Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio and it is our intention to seek UKAS Accreditation for many of these testing procedures in the future.

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