Finding of a well-preserved fossil of Crinoids at Geolabs Limited

Geolabs Limited technicians have recently found a well-preserved fossil of Crinoids.

These ancient marine creatures hold a key to understanding the Earth’s history and past environments. 🦠

Key Insights from Fossil Crinoids:
🌊 They indicate the formation of rocks in a marine environment, revealing past shallow water conditions.
🔍 Rare complete fossilized crinoids point to rapid burial in quiet, possibly poorly oxygenated waters.

Crinoids are sometimes referred to as sea lilies due to their plant-like appearance. In England, the columnals forming the stem are called fairy money. Star-shaped examples of these were associated with the sun by ancient peoples and given religious significance. 🌟


Fossil Crinoids

Fossil Crinoids found at Geolabs Limited Laboratory