Colour Char - Geolabs

We are giving away the first 250 of our revised colour chart.

This fantastic, useful tool, was created by Chris Wallace, Director of Training and Innovation, in 2014. The idea for the chart was derived from Geolabs wanting to ensure that all laboratory staff described the colours, of soils materials, in a unified style. The colours chosen were based on the suggested values given in David Norbury’s, Soil and Rock Description in Engineering Practice book.

In 2017, Geolabs have improved the design and material, making it more robust for the use on site or in the lab. We have just taken delivery of the new stock and have 250 to give away. If you would like the chance of receiving one of these colour charts please email please email your request, with your full postal address, to our head office .

John Masters, Director “Due to the success of the card version of the colour chart, we were requested to provide a more robust, weather proof version for use in all weathers and locations. The latest version has been very well received and is a valuable addition to the suite of training tools that we are providing for all practitioners in the geotechnical and site investigation fraternity”