Continuation of Max/Min Density on Sands Research

John Powell attended the latest meeting of an industry JIP project between Dong Energy, the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and Geolabs limited, on the development of new Procedures for the Determination of Maximum and Minimum Dry Density of Sands, primarily for offshore investigations.

The previous study found substantial differences between the various methods in use, which could lead to very different design assumptions. Therefore the present work will try to establish a new and more consistent set of methods.

Collaborating laboratories at Fugro, Gardline, Geo and University of Massachusetts, Amherst attended the meeting as they will trial the new methods once fully developed by NGI and Geolabs.

The previous research work was published in ……… Ø. Blaker, Ø., Lunne , T., Vestgården T., Krogh, L., Thomsen, N.V., Powell, J.J.M. & Wallace, C.F. (2015). Method dependency for determining maximum and minimum dry unit weights of sands. Proc. Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics III – Meyer (Ed.). Taylor & Francis Group, London, pp 1159-1166